Best Apps To Improve Your Clubbing Nightlife

Best Apps To Improve Your Clubbing Nightlife

Always finding new places where you can go out can be hard, especially if you want to travel all over the world and you don’t have friends in those locations that you want to visit. For such trips, you have to have access to apps that will make your life easier. In a world where technology is constantly advancing, there are tons of apps for everything.


The trick is to find the right apps for you and how to best make use of them. We have tried tons of apps to check which ones will improve our nightlife and found that these 4 apps will make our nightlife ten times better in cities all over the world.

1) Facebook

Let’s start with the most obvious. Facebook is amazing as it lets you connect with people from all over the world, and once you are connected with people.


You are also connected with events from many different parts of the world. Facebook has a huge network and many people advertise random events and happenings for a guaranteed good clubbing nightlife.

2) Google maps

This might also be obvious to many people but there is no better app to help you get around than google maps. Once you are in a new town and you just found out that address form some another app or a flier, you need to know how to get there. Google maps will lead you whether you take the train, the taxi, a buss, or just decide to walk there.

3) Tinder

political-tinder-0001The ultimate app to meet new people and have an exciting night in a foreign city is your Tinder App. Tinder will help you connect with people who are looking for the same thing you are and you can have a date set up or a friend that will share the nightlife with you before you have finished your first drink.

4) Hooch- the One Drink per Day App

Hooch is an app that has a prime membership fee but it gives you so much more back. The app gives you the chance to drink one drink for free in random bars or in the same bar at a certain time of day. While this can be an amazing way to find new places, it can also be your new guide to your new favorite standard bar.