skate on the ice

How to properly skate on the ice

Do you have a desire to gracefully glide over the ice, without falling, like famous artistic skaters? In this section of the text, we will give you tips on how to properly learn to skate and perhaps in the future you will become a professional. But keep in mind that as for any other sport, you will need a lot of practice and commitment, but in the end, it all depends on you and your desire for success.

The benefits of online instructions and videos can be huge for your progress. In this way you are given an opportunity to carefully examine every figure and move a professional is making, to hear explanations how to keep yourself safe and how to do a specific figure properly. If you already have some experience with figure skating, this can be a great way to improve your style, especially if your online instructor is someone highly professional. You can watch online figure skating video on numerous sites such as, where you can also find ice skating tips and other articles written by professionals in this field.

figure skateHow to figure skate:

1. Wear suitable clothing
You should choose clothes that are light and easy to move in, preferably made of materials that will not become heavy if they become damp. You shouldn’t wear a lot of clothing on your body so you can stay flexible.

2. Find a good pair of skates
The skates you choose should be comfortable and appropriate to your feet. There are a lot of good brands that you can choose from.

3. Learn to keep balance
Your body should be relaxed but stable, with a slightly bent spine to the front and slightly spaced feet, slightly bent knees, relaxed arms and straightened at the shoulder level (in order to balance) and with compulsory adherence to the surrounding fence. Try to make all the movements easy and fluid.

4. Track falls
Falling with the right technique will save you from injuries. You can find those kinds of instructions in professional online videos.

5. Practice and practice
If you are able to take a couple of individual skating lessons with the coach or watch professional explaining techniques and figures, that will help you a great deal.

Today, ice skating is a very widespread form of recreation and is the basis of numerous sports and sports disciplines on ice. As you already know figure skating is a part of Winter Olympics, and it is also a form of art that combines gymnastics, ballet, sport and many other disciplines. If you are interested to learn more about skating, or if you just want to educate yourself on how to be safe on ice, how to properly fall so you can avoid serious injuries, you can visit iCoachSkating. Skating as a physical activity improves balance and coordination, develops the aerobic ability, increases bone density, strengthens and defines thigh and back muscles, and increases calorie consumption.