Evergreen effect of Cuban link chains

Evergreen effect of Cuban link chains

Jewelry industry has its independent evolution through history, though it keeps a step with fashion trends and global style changes. Fashion trends nowadays last for a season or two and are usually associated with jewelry designed to match leading models. Once the fashion trend is overcome, the attached accessories are too. On the other hand, there are some pieces of jewelry that are more than a current fashion attraction. These models usually have a meaning, carry a long-lasting tradition and values that are more than just aesthetic and material. These jewelry pieces don’t come with an expiring date. Cuban link chains are one of these evergreen pieces of jewelry. They stick around for decades, never outdated, but gaining popularity again over the last couple of years. It has always been a matter of prestige to possess one of these models, but lately, it’s becoming more of a mainstream fashion asset.

Recognizable design

Cuban ChainCuban chains are considered to be a classic golden piece of jewelry. However, common models include diamonds scattered within golden basis, and many models are completely made of white gold. It’s usually 14k gold, which means that actual gold takes about 55% of the total mass. The link consists of an array of small balls, usually with a flat face, but some models designed for women are shaped to be more round. The main and well-known characteristic of this jewelry is their massive, heavy appearance and thick link. The traditional model is mostly designed for men due to this massive trait, but modern models are shaped more elegantly and slimmer to fit women’s outfit.

Cuban vs. Miami link chains

These two trademarks are frequently considered to be synonyms, but there are some slight differences between them. Miami link chains are derived from traditional Cuban link chain, made of gold, or silver-gold, with or without diamonds, but with a specific interlocking pattern that gives this model thicker and more attention drawing appearance. The link pattern of Miami link chain is usually longer than the one of Cuban kind. Worn by many Hollywood stars, this model is particularly popular over the last few years.

Authentic gift and valuable possession

Cuban link chains usually serve as necklaces, but there is a whole impressively looking line of bracelets as well. Nowadays, this jewelry is created equally for men and women. Most models are manufactured, but there are still many hand-made models on the market. It remains a luxury accessory, a proof of prestige and significant value to possess. It is, also, precious gift perfectly designed for your closest friends or beloved ones. Our cuban jewelry store in miami keeps a line of these models at any moment and sells or buys them for a price of gold. We also provide custom, hand-made models of Cuban link chain necklace or bracelet made of gold, white gold or combination of these two. Check our assortment anytime you want to and afford yourself a true proof of superior taste and style.