The Top 5 Clubs Everyone Should Visit In Europe

The Top 5 Clubs Everyone Should Visit In Europe

Every night you go out it’s a new experience that does not just revolve around the music and the atmosphere but it’s also about meeting new people. While you may have visited every memorable bar and club in your town or even country we are sure that you have not visited all the amazing clubs that Europe has to offer. Many of these clubs have special rules for their guests, but the biggest magic happens because of the people that go there. There is just something magical about having random people around you that you don’t know, but who are here also to have a good time like you.

Let’s get down to the top 5 clubs in Europe that you should visit in your lifetime.

1) Concrete, Paris

Paris, the center of romance in the whole world. This city has so much more to offer than just a romantic day with your future fiancé. The city is famous for many things but the concrete club in Paris is most famous for its eccentric vibe and amazing atmosphere.


The capital’s main place of techno music and good times. The best part of this club is that it’s on a boat! If that does not get you hyped nothing will.

2) Air, Amsterdam

Holland or the Netherlands is famous for many things, and clubbing is one of those things. The Air club in Amsterdam is a must visit for all clubbing lovers. Its multiple room design is the reason why so many people love going there, as many swear that it’s like visiting 10 different clubs at the same time. Just be careful how much you smoke and drink as you might never want to leave this beautiful city.

3) Berghain Panorama Bar, Berlin

The club most famous in the heart of Berlin due to its strict policy of not bringing phones inside,

Berghain is famous for many things and so every night hundreds of people get turned away as there is no more room inside. Some of the most famous DJ’s from all over the world can be found here during the weekend.

4) Cross Club, Prague

Prague is a beautiful city and its nightlife is another thing that many people from all over the world love to experience. The most famous clubbing place in Prague is the Cross Club and its famous for several reasons.


First, its design is futuristic and gives off a fabulous vibe for new visitors, second its different style and genre of music sets the tone that its different from all other clubs and third once you have partied enough you can come during the day and enjoy a nice theater piece that will be played inside.

5) Razzmatazz, Barcelona

No list would be complete without Barcelona. The Razzmatazz club is one of the best clubs in Europe and the people who visit it have only words of praise for this establishment. The 15-20-euro entrance fee will get you access to its many rooms and a drink, setting you up for a wonderful night whether you came alone or with all your friends.

How To Design A Club Lounge 

How To Design A Club Lounge 

If you are looking to start your own club, then there are a few important things that you must first know that will help you out a lot. One of those things is that you have to create a lounge for your club, no matter how big you make it, but you must have one. Why is a lounge important to be a part of your club, well a lounge is a public place that is there to greet the people when the first walk into the club.


It is essentially a place where people hang out while waiting for someone or something. In this article, you will find instructions that you can use to your advantage in order to create the perfect lounge for your club. 

Make it Comfortable

Definitely, the number one thing that you have to put a lot of attention when creating a lounge is to make it very comfortable. People don’t like to be in lounges that don’t have a high comfort level, especially at some fancy clubs. If you have money to invest in your club, then you most likely have also to improve your lounge and create something unique. When it comes to comfortability, there is no such thing as too much, you cannot get too comfortable no matter what you have, so don’t be scared to go all out.  


The more comfortable you make that lounge the better it will be for both you and your guests. When making comfort decisions, you can choose from many different things. Of course, one of the key things is to provide some type of comfortable chairs and sofas that will allow people to completely relax and enjoy the time they are spending there. The softer and larger the sofa is the better, and of course, you need to get some luxury items. 


People who come into these lounges need to have some type of entertainment, you cannot forget about that. the number one thing is to install some huge TV on the walls. Also, if you want to go further, you can even create a place where people can use some gaming consoles to play while waiting and relaxing.   

Why Clubbing Is Good For You

Why Clubbing Is Good For You

Clubbing can be expansive as a lifestyle but it carries several benefits with it. The clubbing lifestyle is plagued with many negative aspects to it if you overdo it. It’s similar to everything in life, if you do something too much you risk of going overboard with it. The thing about clubbing is that even though its filled with smoke and alcohol, which is bad for your health, it does have many positive aspects to it that can actually improve your life.

– Partying reduces stress

Everyone who is working a 9-5 job, 5 days a week needs some time to relax. Many of us accumulate stress over the work week and for some people clubbing is the way to get that stress out. It’s funny how only two or one days of clubbing can get out 5 days of stress and even make you more resilient to stress on Mondays.

Partying reduces stress

Never neglect the amount of impact stress can have on your life. Sometimes it’s healthier to sit in a room filled with smoke for 6 hours if it means that all your stress will be gone after that, then to be on the beach with clean air and stressed out over something.

– The workout is amazing

While climbing is not exactly going to the gym, it’s a healthy amount of working out while you dance away the night. Many people would gain weight if they stopped clubbing and let’s not forget that it’s also a stress reliever which keeps you from having crazy food binges.


The amount of dancing depends on the party but in most cases, people that love clubbing have amazing bodies, and it’s all thanks to clubbing.

– Your social life is unmatched

While everyone has their own group of friends for various social events. Clubbing really kicks your social life into fifth gear. The number of people you meet as a clubber can only be rivaled by the amount of people you met in school. There are tons of people you can meet here that share your love for the music and even things outside of the club life. If you need a social life boost go clubbing for a month.

Best Apps To Improve Your Clubbing Nightlife

Best Apps To Improve Your Clubbing Nightlife

Always finding new places where you can go out can be hard, especially if you want to travel all over the world and you don’t have friends in those locations that you want to visit. For such trips, you have to have access to apps that will make your life easier. In a world where technology is constantly advancing, there are tons of apps for everything.


The trick is to find the right apps for you and how to best make use of them. We have tried tons of apps to check which ones will improve our nightlife and found that these 4 apps will make our nightlife ten times better in cities all over the world.

1) Facebook

Let’s start with the most obvious. Facebook is amazing as it lets you connect with people from all over the world, and once you are connected with people.


You are also connected with events from many different parts of the world. Facebook has a huge network and many people advertise random events and happenings for a guaranteed good clubbing nightlife.

2) Google maps

This might also be obvious to many people but there is no better app to help you get around than google maps. Once you are in a new town and you just found out that address form some another app or a flier, you need to know how to get there. Google maps will lead you whether you take the train, the taxi, a buss, or just decide to walk there.

3) Tinder

political-tinder-0001The ultimate app to meet new people and have an exciting night in a foreign city is your Tinder App. Tinder will help you connect with people who are looking for the same thing you are and you can have a date set up or a friend that will share the nightlife with you before you have finished your first drink.

4) Hooch- the One Drink per Day App

Hooch is an app that has a prime membership fee but it gives you so much more back. The app gives you the chance to drink one drink for free in random bars or in the same bar at a certain time of day. While this can be an amazing way to find new places, it can also be your new guide to your new favorite standard bar.