Sugar daddy dating – life without lies

You have probably heard about the term “gold digger.” It refers to girls that approach men just because they have money. They feign interest and love just to get money and various accessories that accompany that type of relationship. But in this case the man gets hurt and depending on their social status, that can turn your life in hell.

The latest trend in dating takes the idea of a “gold digger” and refines it into something better. For example, this sugar daddy website connects men that are interested in being sugar daddies and girls that want to be their sugar babies. If you don’t understand how this works, then keep on reading.

What is a sugar daddy and how it works?

sugar daddyMany career chasing guys have little time for family. They live by the schedule they create. All off-time in that timeline is for relaxation, and thus there isn’t any time for relationships. But they still want to have some fun. Now, illegal ways for that exist but a successful man that wants to climb the ladder as fast as possible can’t risk it. So, relationships without any attachments are perfect for individuals like this.

A man who has money and lacks time for meaningful relationships can apply to become a sugar daddy. They will get a match in the form of a young and beautiful girl that wants to be a sugar baby. This is excellent for them as they can put meetings into the schedule and not worry about disappointing the other party.

A sugar daddy will see the girl as an expense they will have to pay. This expensive includes everything from shopping sprees and vacations to monthly allowances, depending on the arrangement between two parties.

Do note that there is no love in the relationship that starts in this way. The man aka sugar daddy wants to have fun when their schedule allows them to. The girl that accepts the agreement knows that, and she will go out and shop and do various things with money she gets.

Who are sugar, babies?

Sugar babies are girls and women who need money to achieve their goals. They require cash, and they don’t want, or can’t, work at that moment to earn it. This is an easy way for them to get some cash, and create a relationship that might turn into something more than just what is stated in the document she and the guy signed.

The majority of girls that become sugar babies are students. They need money and connections to achieve their goals, and this makes it possible for them to achieve it. But, don’t think that only students become sugar babies.

Single mothers, as well as women with clear goals that require money, also tend to apply to this kind of relationship. Remember, becoming a sugar baby isn’t just about sex. There is much more in this. Love can spring from these relationships, and there have been many cases where that happened.


Steps You Can Take To Become An Event Planner

People that don’t like working in an office for 8-10 hours per day need to find exciting and dynamic jobs that will keep them occupied. Don’t get us wrong there is nothing bad about working in an office, it’s just some people don’t find themselves while working in such an environment.

For personalities such as those, it’s healthy to find a job that will keep them busy and engaged in their work, and one job such as that is an event planner. To become an event planner you will need experience, but for such a job there is no specific college that will prepare you. So, the smarter thing to do is follow our simple steps that will help you inch closer to the event planner career.

– Volunteer to get experience

Volunteering is an important step in your journey to becoming an event planner. The more you get experience when it comes to working with people the better you will function in such environments. As an event planner, you will have to deal with deadlines, missing people, changes in the original plan and you need to learn how to work around those things. To have a good event planner resume you need to be excellent at:

– communicating both verbally and in written form
– Organizing and time management
– Negotiating with different types of people and finance planning
– Marketing, public and other types of relations
So, volunteering in the right industry will get you the experience in these crucial things.

– Take responsibility

Once you get some experience it’s time to move up and accept more responsibility. The more tasks you take on your shoulders the better you will become as a future event planner. The best place where you can start is a nonprofit organization.


Here you will get the respect and the surrounding where you can actually implement your skills without being judged too harshly.
Here you need to figure out: – what kind of organization you want to work for:

– What benefits you can bring to the organization and the market
– Will you work full time or part-time
– What event planning niche you want to get in after you are done with the organization

– Write down every connection

EVENT-PLANNER During your volunteering work and your nonprofit work, you will meet tons of people that you would not otherwise come in contact with. Write them all down as in an event planner life it’s more important who you know than what you know. Knowing the right people is more than half the work for the job.

– Take a course and get a license

The last thing in this business to secure your position as an event planner is to get a course and work out the fine details that you might have missed in your practical work, and get a state accepted license. With this, you are now ready to have a career as an event planner.

The Top 5 Clubs Everyone Should Visit In Europe

The Top 5 Clubs Everyone Should Visit In Europe

Every night you go out it’s a new experience that does not just revolve around the music and the atmosphere but it’s also about meeting new people. While you may have visited every memorable bar and club in your town or even country we are sure that you have not visited all the amazing clubs that Europe has to offer. Many of these clubs have special rules for their guests, but the biggest magic happens because of the people that go there. There is just something magical about having random people around you that you don’t know, but who are here also to have a good time like you.

Let’s get down to the top 5 clubs in Europe that you should visit in your lifetime.

1) Concrete, Paris

Paris, the center of romance in the whole world. This city has so much more to offer than just a romantic day with your future fiancé. The city is famous for many things but the concrete club in Paris is most famous for its eccentric vibe and amazing atmosphere.


The capital’s main place of techno music and good times. The best part of this club is that it’s on a boat! If that does not get you hyped nothing will.

2) Air, Amsterdam

Holland or the Netherlands is famous for many things, and clubbing is one of those things. The Air club in Amsterdam is a must visit for all clubbing lovers. Its multiple room design is the reason why so many people love going there, as many swear that it’s like visiting 10 different clubs at the same time. Just be careful how much you smoke and drink as you might never want to leave this beautiful city.

3) Berghain Panorama Bar, Berlin

The club most famous in the heart of Berlin due to its strict policy of not bringing phones inside,

Berghain is famous for many things and so every night hundreds of people get turned away as there is no more room inside. Some of the most famous DJ’s from all over the world can be found here during the weekend.

4) Cross Club, Prague

Prague is a beautiful city and its nightlife is another thing that many people from all over the world love to experience. The most famous clubbing place in Prague is the Cross Club and its famous for several reasons.


First, its design is futuristic and gives off a fabulous vibe for new visitors, second its different style and genre of music sets the tone that its different from all other clubs and third once you have partied enough you can come during the day and enjoy a nice theater piece that will be played inside.

5) Razzmatazz, Barcelona

No list would be complete without Barcelona. The Razzmatazz club is one of the best clubs in Europe and the people who visit it have only words of praise for this establishment. The 15-20-euro entrance fee will get you access to its many rooms and a drink, setting you up for a wonderful night whether you came alone or with all your friends.

How To Design A Club Lounge 

How To Design A Club Lounge 

If you are looking to start your own club, then there are a few important things that you must first know that will help you out a lot. One of those things is that you have to create a lounge for your club, no matter how big you make it, but you must have one. Why is a lounge important to be a part of your club, well a lounge is a public place that is there to greet the people when the first walk into the club.


It is essentially a place where people hang out while waiting for someone or something. In this article, you will find instructions that you can use to your advantage in order to create the perfect lounge for your club. 

Make it Comfortable

Definitely, the number one thing that you have to put a lot of attention when creating a lounge is to make it very comfortable. People don’t like to be in lounges that don’t have a high comfort level, especially at some fancy clubs. If you have money to invest in your club, then you most likely have also to improve your lounge and create something unique. When it comes to comfortability, there is no such thing as too much, you cannot get too comfortable no matter what you have, so don’t be scared to go all out.  


The more comfortable you make that lounge the better it will be for both you and your guests. When making comfort decisions, you can choose from many different things. Of course, one of the key things is to provide some type of comfortable chairs and sofas that will allow people to completely relax and enjoy the time they are spending there. The softer and larger the sofa is the better, and of course, you need to get some luxury items. 


People who come into these lounges need to have some type of entertainment, you cannot forget about that. the number one thing is to install some huge TV on the walls. Also, if you want to go further, you can even create a place where people can use some gaming consoles to play while waiting and relaxing.   

Why Clubbing Is Good For You

Why Clubbing Is Good For You

Clubbing can be expansive as a lifestyle but it carries several benefits with it. The clubbing lifestyle is plagued with many negative aspects to it if you overdo it. It’s similar to everything in life, if you do something too much you risk of going overboard with it. The thing about clubbing is that even though its filled with smoke and alcohol, which is bad for your health, it does have many positive aspects to it that can actually improve your life.

– Partying reduces stress

Everyone who is working a 9-5 job, 5 days a week needs some time to relax. Many of us accumulate stress over the work week and for some people clubbing is the way to get that stress out. It’s funny how only two or one days of clubbing can get out 5 days of stress and even make you more resilient to stress on Mondays.

Partying reduces stress

Never neglect the amount of impact stress can have on your life. Sometimes it’s healthier to sit in a room filled with smoke for 6 hours if it means that all your stress will be gone after that, then to be on the beach with clean air and stressed out over something.

– The workout is amazing

While climbing is not exactly going to the gym, it’s a healthy amount of working out while you dance away the night. Many people would gain weight if they stopped clubbing and let’s not forget that it’s also a stress reliever which keeps you from having crazy food binges.


The amount of dancing depends on the party but in most cases, people that love clubbing have amazing bodies, and it’s all thanks to clubbing.

– Your social life is unmatched

While everyone has their own group of friends for various social events. Clubbing really kicks your social life into fifth gear. The number of people you meet as a clubber can only be rivaled by the amount of people you met in school. There are tons of people you can meet here that share your love for the music and even things outside of the club life. If you need a social life boost go clubbing for a month.


4 Easy Tips To Help You Change Your Lifestyle With Fitness

Working out can be hard and tedious and many people avoid it like the plague due to its time consumption on a daily basis. However, it’s also terrible for your health and the future of your health to completely ignore fitness as it will have a detrimental effect on the overall health of your body. Additionally, people who work out have reported that they are happy and feel better organized in their life. The first thing that should be recognized when it comes to the fitness lifestyle is that not everything is about working out in the gym, it’s also about what you eat and how you treat your body.

We have 4 easy tips on how you can change your lifestyle using fitness as your main contributor.

1) Change coffee for lemon water

When most people wake up the first thing they do is reach out for a cup of coffee. If you are one of those people you should seriously consider switching that cup of coffee for a glass of cold lemon water.

lemon water

Lemon helps regulate your body c vitamin storage, and it also helps with the regulation of your body weight. Additionally, lemon will help you with an immediate boost to your senses as you will wake up faster than you would with coffee. Sure, you won’t have the buzz that you get from the coffee but you will be woken up in a matter of minutes.

2) Eat more small-sized meals

Eating is half the battle when it comes to a healthy life. If you eat right you don’t have to work out so much to be in shape, and it’s important that you eat smaller portions as that will help your body with starvation issues as well as overfeeding issues.

The problem most people have is that they either eat too much or too little, to avoid problems eat small portions several times per day.

3) Put some music in the background

Many people forget that music helps them stay in a positive mood. If you want to have a better body you need to move around a bit more. If you want to work out it’s usually a tedious task.


But one that can be easier with just a bit of music. If you love metal music or electro put on your favorite artist or song and you will be jumping around in no time.

4) Drink more tea and water

Tea is the nectar of the gods for your body. Many people ignore the benefits of tea because they are hooked on soft drinks, but tea can be just as tasty and ten-times healthier for your body. If you can’t enjoy a nice cup of tea drink water. Water is essential for your body and many people don’t drink enough water for their bodies optimal performance. Never underestimate the health benefits of an additional glass of water per day.


How To Pick The Best Restaurant 

When you have to organize an event, or you just want to invite your close friends and family for a nice dinner, then you must know how to pick out the best restaurant in order to have the best time and food. Well, if you want to find out the key to picking out the best restaurant, then you are in the right place. We have created this article to help out people find a perfect restaurant using our professional advice. 


If you follow our instructions carefully and you do everything like we said, then you will have an easy time finding the best restaurant for your event. Of course, you don’t have to go through this process to find the best restaurant, but then you will most likely have a really bad time at the dinner because you will pick a bad restaurant. Here is everything that you need to have in order to find the best restaurant. 

Mid to High Range Prices

If you want really to surprise your friends or people that are invited to your event, then you can never go wrong with a fancy restaurant that is considered to be quite expensive. Of course, if you are not that great with money, then this might not be the best decision because the food will cost you a lot of money, especially when you have more than five people invited.

That’s why we suggest that you pick out a mid-range restaurant that doesn’t have the most expensive dishes, but it still isn’t the cheapest place in your city.  

Looks are Everything

When it comes to a good restaurant, you need to have two things one of them is good food and the other is a great looking restaurant. This means that you have to find a restaurant that invested a lot of money and attention to the overall design both interior and exterior.


At your event, the first thing that people will look at is the quality of the restaurant, so you want to make sure that they are feeling comfortable with the environment they are in. 


5 Fitness Tips To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Every year it just keeps getting harder and harder to lead a healthier life. With all the work and obligations that we keep on adding to our life, it’s hard to keep track of the food we eat and the how much time we actually spend relaxing and working out instead of stressing and working to earn more money or more free time.

It’s crazy to imagine that just a simple shift on some small parts of our life can hugely impact our lifestyle and that it can change for the better with just some simple tips that everyone can try to implement. We have listed here 10 simple fitness tips that will help you have a healthier life and improve your lifestyle in a positive manner.

1) Ditch the weight loss diets

The problem with weight loss diets is that there are too many and none of them are a permanent fix for an overweight problem. Additionally, most of these diets want you to completely change your eating habits which can be hard for many people. Ditch those diets and stop doing certain things like drinking pop soda, eating bread and you will already be light years ahead in the direction of a healthy life.

2) Get a partner

If you have decided to work out or to dedicate some time to your fitness life, get a partner. It’s hard doing all the milestones alone, but with a partner, it’s so much easier. If you can’t find a co-worker get your significant other to come with you. This will be good for your health and your relationship which is a win-win situation.

3) Stop weighing yourself every day

This might seem like an absurd tip but having the right set of minds is actually a legit fitness tip. If you weigh yourself every day you will have a negative picture of your body and think you are not doing enough or are just too slow. Stop doing that to your mental health and weight yourself on a scale only once or twice a month. Believe us that will help you more than weighing yourself every day.

4) Take the stairs

It’s hard but its effective. Take the stairs every time you can and you will notice a significant improvement in your overall health.

5) Do core workouts

Your core strength is important. It’s also one of the easiest to work on. You don’t need a gym just learn some basic core strength positions that you can do basically at home on your floor or with your chairs. You don’t have to waste time transporting yourself to a destination to work out as this can be done in your living room for 10 minutes every day.


Best Health And Fitness Tips For A Healthy Daily Routine

Being healthy has never been easier in the history of the humankind. The more we advance in the science and medicine departments the healthier and longer our lifespans are. However, its always smart to prevent than to treat so to lead a healthy life you need to have a healthy routine that will get you through the day. We have some amazing health and fitness tips that everyone can easily integrate into their daily routine, and which will help them lead a healthier and longer life.

1) Become strong don’t just lose weight

We know that working out is hard, but the benefits of that workout are incredible. Not only will you have more energy and an easier time doing things, but you will also be more positive and less stressed out.

Working out to get in shape is good, but not if you are just in it to lose the weight. Losing weight can be temporary and while you will look good it does not mean you will be overall healthier. To really have a positive impact on your body workout to be stronger not just to lose weight.

2) Stop eating bread

The fastest way to a healthier life is to fix your diet. While going vegan or vegetarian can be an impossible task for many, giving up your bread should not be a huge problem.

Stop eating bread

Bread is alone responsible for many overweight bodies and many people who have stopped eating bread have not just lost weight but felt less bloated in their normal daily routines. Get rid of white bread!

3) Vitamin D is important

While getting enough vitamin c is important for your immune system the vitamin D should not be neglected. The problem is that most vitamin D is absorbed by sun’s rays so it can be tricky to get vitamin D if you live in cold areas.

Get a supplement of vitamin D in that case but don’t neglect vitamin D as its tied directly to your happiness and overall health.

4) Sleep more

Yes, you heard us right, you need to sleep more is our fitness advice. Many people don’t sleep enough so their bodies never recover enough energy.


If you want to have a positive impact on your health you need to rest enough. For adults between 6-8 hours per day is the bare minimum. So, don’t neglect sleep in your busy daily routine.

5) Always eat breakfast

The faster we live our lives, the more meals we miss. Make it mandatory to eat your first meal of the day. Breakfast is important to build up energy for the rest of the day so never again miss breakfast. If you don’t want to eat more than 2-3 times per day then avoid dinner but never breakfast.

Best Apps To Improve Your Clubbing Nightlife

Best Apps To Improve Your Clubbing Nightlife

Always finding new places where you can go out can be hard, especially if you want to travel all over the world and you don’t have friends in those locations that you want to visit. For such trips, you have to have access to apps that will make your life easier. In a world where technology is constantly advancing, there are tons of apps for everything.


The trick is to find the right apps for you and how to best make use of them. We have tried tons of apps to check which ones will improve our nightlife and found that these 4 apps will make our nightlife ten times better in cities all over the world.

1) Facebook

Let’s start with the most obvious. Facebook is amazing as it lets you connect with people from all over the world, and once you are connected with people.


You are also connected with events from many different parts of the world. Facebook has a huge network and many people advertise random events and happenings for a guaranteed good clubbing nightlife.

2) Google maps

This might also be obvious to many people but there is no better app to help you get around than google maps. Once you are in a new town and you just found out that address form some another app or a flier, you need to know how to get there. Google maps will lead you whether you take the train, the taxi, a buss, or just decide to walk there.

3) Tinder

political-tinder-0001The ultimate app to meet new people and have an exciting night in a foreign city is your Tinder App. Tinder will help you connect with people who are looking for the same thing you are and you can have a date set up or a friend that will share the nightlife with you before you have finished your first drink.

4) Hooch- the One Drink per Day App

Hooch is an app that has a prime membership fee but it gives you so much more back. The app gives you the chance to drink one drink for free in random bars or in the same bar at a certain time of day. While this can be an amazing way to find new places, it can also be your new guide to your new favorite standard bar.