Grav labs glass

Tips for using Grav labs glass

In case that you have been wondering which manufacturer produces the best bubblers, bongs and pipes made of glass, there’s only one that instantly comes to mind and that would be Grav Labs without any question. Their pipes range from extravagant to really simple, depending on the needs of the users. Even though their lab glass doesn’t come cheap at all, the quality will make it up for the price.

grav labStill, with such great selection of ultra high quality pipes as well as a wide range of shapes, you will be able to find anything that you desire with ease. The best thing to do if you are new to lab glass is to do a bit of a research on different pipe types because it greatly depends on what you need the pipes for. Not every pipe type is good for a particular use. That is exactly why there are so many different types.

Knowing their purpose, the way of using and how to maintain your pipes will ensure that you get the best of your lab glass at all times. Those who have some previous experience with lab glass can delve deeper into the matter but if you are new to lab pipes, there are three main pipe types or categories and those are bubblers, water pipers also known as bongs and hand pipes.  All three categories are available at

The pipe categories

Each category has its own drawbacks and benefits. Again, it really depends on what you want to use them for. The simplest category is a hand pipe and most of the time this category of lab pipes features nothing but an inhalation hole on one and a bowl at the other end. Pack the bowl, light up and enjoy. This is by far, the fastest way to enjoy a dry herb and many cannabis users see hand pipes as a very convenient way of smoking weed than rolling a joint.

By simply soaking your pipe in alcohol, you’ll be able to clean it in seconds. On the other hand, bongs use water in order to send your a cool and filtered smoke. Because of the water, the smoke is much smoother and cooler which allows the user to inhale without any irritation or coughing. Bongs make the entire inhaling experience much smoother and more pleasant because the water filters out any irritating particles while reducing smoke heat.

Bongs allow the user to make much bigger hits, therefore, ensuring much better experience. Many cannabis users prefer bongs at all times rather than any other way of smoking dry herbs. Similar to bongs, bubblers function almost the same except for actually being a combination of a bong and a hand pipe. They are extremely easy to use, portable and small.

Just like bongs, a bubbler will give you smooth inhaling experience, allowing you to get the best of your smoke and on top, they also offer water filtration although in a smaller amount.

Four things to consider before you become a digital nomad

The life of a digital nomad is what many people tend to dream of, stay on a beach, soak on the sun every, and eat and live local, while a decent income lands on your bank account. But, to make this dream come true, you need to be persistent, innovative and resourceful. Even though this dream job brings many benefits, digital nomad lifestyle isn’t for everyone. You won’t have a home, you will away from your loved ones, and you’ll need to say goodbye to all your friends as soon as you find a new foreign land. So, before you make a final decision, here are a couple of things you need to reconsider.

Why do you want to hit the road?

Many of us consider this type of lifestyle will help us escape our daily stresses and tensions. Some people just need a temporary escape that will help them reboot their system, but we usually mistake it with a long-term commitment the life of a digital nomad requires. Before you make any reckless decisions, you need to evaluate the real reason why you want to pack your bags and go away to an unknown destination. In case of burnout, you can always take a vacation and relax; you don’t have to travel the world.

This lifestyle can get quite lonely

Being a digital nomad is a challenging experience, and not everyone is set for this life. In this case, you won’t be able to establish any long-term relationships, and you won’t have a fixed home base. Even if you decide to spend a year in one country, the chances of forming lasting bonds are small. The reason for this is because most people you meet are also travelers and they will be leaving soon. The loneliness is often mentioned as the essential problem, people are social beings, and they need deeper bonds than provided. So, make sure you can handle this situation before you embark on this journey.

You will have to work

As we mentioned earlier, you will have to work hard to sustain your traveling lifestyle. Unless you have a full-time job, it will be hard to predict your working hours. In fact, you might have to work too many hours every day to earn enough money for tour traveling. In this case, your performance may also depend on internet connection, and if it’s unstable, you will be more frustrated than satisfied. Perseverance and determination are the essential qualities that you need to possess if you want to create a steady income.

You may not travel a lot

Because of work commitments, you might not be able to pack your bags and leave whenever you want. Many people choose to stay in places where the internet connection is excellent. This helps them complete their work on time. Traveling becomes challenging when you need to meet deadlines. So, contrary popular belief, digital nomads don’t always enjoy and spend never-ending hours on a beach.