skate on the ice

How to properly skate on the ice

Do you have a desire to gracefully glide over the ice, without falling, like famous artistic skaters? In this section of the text, we will give you tips on how to properly learn to skate and perhaps in the future you will become a professional. But keep in mind that as for any other sport, you will need a lot of practice and commitment, but in the end, it all depends on you and your desire for success.

The benefits of online instructions and videos can be huge for your progress. In this way you are given an opportunity to carefully examine every figure and move a professional is making, to hear explanations how to keep yourself safe and how to do a specific figure properly. If you already have some experience with figure skating, this can be a great way to improve your style, especially if your online instructor is someone highly professional. You can watch online figure skating video on numerous sites such as, where you can also find ice skating tips and other articles written by professionals in this field.

figure skateHow to figure skate:

1. Wear suitable clothing
You should choose clothes that are light and easy to move in, preferably made of materials that will not become heavy if they become damp. You shouldn’t wear a lot of clothing on your body so you can stay flexible.

2. Find a good pair of skates
The skates you choose should be comfortable and appropriate to your feet. There are a lot of good brands that you can choose from.

3. Learn to keep balance
Your body should be relaxed but stable, with a slightly bent spine to the front and slightly spaced feet, slightly bent knees, relaxed arms and straightened at the shoulder level (in order to balance) and with compulsory adherence to the surrounding fence. Try to make all the movements easy and fluid.

4. Track falls
Falling with the right technique will save you from injuries. You can find those kinds of instructions in professional online videos.

5. Practice and practice
If you are able to take a couple of individual skating lessons with the coach or watch professional explaining techniques and figures, that will help you a great deal.

Today, ice skating is a very widespread form of recreation and is the basis of numerous sports and sports disciplines on ice. As you already know figure skating is a part of Winter Olympics, and it is also a form of art that combines gymnastics, ballet, sport and many other disciplines. If you are interested to learn more about skating, or if you just want to educate yourself on how to be safe on ice, how to properly fall so you can avoid serious injuries, you can visit iCoachSkating. Skating as a physical activity improves balance and coordination, develops the aerobic ability, increases bone density, strengthens and defines thigh and back muscles, and increases calorie consumption.

stop and prevent aggressive behavior in dogs

How to stop and prevent aggressive behavior in dogs?

Dogs tend to behave aggressively due to various factors, but before you start treating their condition, you need to determine the cause. Aggression in dogs is highly undesirable, but also, the most common problem dog owners face. One of the possible reasons might be the lack of socialization as a puppy, which leads a dog to become fearful and wary of things around him. If you are dealing with this issue, then there are a couple of things you can do to deal with this problem. But, keep in mind that retaining an aggressive dog takes a lot of dedication, patience, and hard work.

Stay safe

aggressive dogBuild a fence – one of the first things you can do is making sure your dog can’t escape. If you live in a house and have a yard, then you should build a fence your dog can’t escape. In this way, you are keeping your pet and other people away from his aggression. Still, you need to work with your dog to make him more sociable so he would not need a fence over some time.

Buy a sturdy leash – when you are outside walking, make sure to keep your dog on a durable leash. The strap will help you control the dog, but it’s crucial to have a firm hold on your furry friend and leash will help you manage your pet.

Use a muzzle – many countries around the world have adopted this rule, regardless of the dog’s nature. If your furry friend has problems with aggression, then he should wear a muzzle every time you have visitors, or you are out in public. Wearing a muzzle might require some time and practice, but you can leave his favorite treat to help him make a transition.

Understand his aggression

Think about the triggers – dogs respond with hostility due to many different reasons. His behavior might be triggered by a specific type of person or situation. For instance, some dogs tend to be aggressive towards new people, or when a particular person passes your yard area. By identifying his triggers, you are helping your dog rectify his behavior. The best way is to understand their emotional struggles is to observe what is that make him angry. We wrote about the dog’s aggression in our previous article.

Read your dog’s language – when your dog is exposed to one of his triggers, then you should pay particular attention to his body language. The most obvious signs are lowered head, low body posture, tail tucked between legs, licking lips, and dilated eyes. In cases of intense aggression, they tend to shiver and shake.

There is no quick fix – usually, dogs that are aggressive have often been neglected in the youth. You won’t be able to solve this problem with one single training session because this is an ongoing problem. You should be patient and show a lot of love and dedication to this problem. Hitting or punishing your dog will show the no results. By doing this, you will only aggravate his behavior and make him more fearful.

Evergreen effect of Cuban link chains

Evergreen effect of Cuban link chains

Jewelry industry has its independent evolution through history, though it keeps a step with fashion trends and global style changes. Fashion trends nowadays last for a season or two and are usually associated with jewelry designed to match leading models. Once the fashion trend is overcome, the attached accessories are too. On the other hand, there are some pieces of jewelry that are more than a current fashion attraction. These models usually have a meaning, carry a long-lasting tradition and values that are more than just aesthetic and material. These jewelry pieces don’t come with an expiring date. Cuban link chains are one of these evergreen pieces of jewelry. They stick around for decades, never outdated, but gaining popularity again over the last couple of years. It has always been a matter of prestige to possess one of these models, but lately, it’s becoming more of a mainstream fashion asset.

Recognizable design

Cuban ChainCuban chains are considered to be a classic golden piece of jewelry. However, common models include diamonds scattered within golden basis, and many models are completely made of white gold. It’s usually 14k gold, which means that actual gold takes about 55% of the total mass. The link consists of an array of small balls, usually with a flat face, but some models designed for women are shaped to be more round. The main and well-known characteristic of this jewelry is their massive, heavy appearance and thick link. The traditional model is mostly designed for men due to this massive trait, but modern models are shaped more elegantly and slimmer to fit women’s outfit.

Cuban vs. Miami link chains

These two trademarks are frequently considered to be synonyms, but there are some slight differences between them. Miami link chains are derived from traditional Cuban link chain, made of gold, or silver-gold, with or without diamonds, but with a specific interlocking pattern that gives this model thicker and more attention drawing appearance. The link pattern of Miami link chain is usually longer than the one of Cuban kind. Worn by many Hollywood stars, this model is particularly popular over the last few years.

Authentic gift and valuable possession

Cuban link chains usually serve as necklaces, but there is a whole impressively looking line of bracelets as well. Nowadays, this jewelry is created equally for men and women. Most models are manufactured, but there are still many hand-made models on the market. It remains a luxury accessory, a proof of prestige and significant value to possess. It is, also, precious gift perfectly designed for your closest friends or beloved ones. Our cuban jewelry store in miami keeps a line of these models at any moment and sells or buys them for a price of gold. We also provide custom, hand-made models of Cuban link chain necklace or bracelet made of gold, white gold or combination of these two. Check our assortment anytime you want to and afford yourself a true proof of superior taste and style.

commands you can teach your dog

The most useful commands you can teach your dog

Having a trained dog is not the same as having a balanced dog. Many dog owners don’t understand the difference between these two. But, for your needs, a balanced dog is more than enough. If you teach him basic commands, then you can avoid conflict and behavior problems that may develop in the future. Mature dogs are always harder to train and puppies. But, how do you start the obedience training? You could take a couple of classes, but it’s not necessary when the majority of lessons you can find online. As a rookie, you should read our article on how to take your dog everywhere without a fear that he will bite someone. So, let’s start with the four simple commands, that will make your life easier.


This is one of the most comfortable commands to teach your dog, and it’s a good one to start. First all, you will need the treat to stimulate your pet. Keep it close to his nose, move your hand and allow his head to follow the award. You need to make a movement to that he lowers his bottom. Once he is in a sitting position, they to repeat the word “sit” and then give him a treat and share a lot of affection for your pet. In this way, you recognize his effort, and he will appreciate that. Repeat this exercise a couple of times every day, until you dog excels it.


This command will keep your dog safe and out of trouble. We often lose a grip on our furry friends, or we accidentally leave the door open. Since dogs like to be independent, they will rush out outside. But if they know the “come” command, then you will keep them safe. The fastest way to teach them this is to put a leash and collar on your dog. Get down on the same level as him and gently pull the leash, while saying the word “come.” When the dog comes to you, award him with treat and affection. Once he learns this command, you can remove the leash and repeat this exercise in the safety of your home.


Dogs have a hard time mastering this command because this position represents submission to them. You can help them overcome this condition by keeping the training confident and relaxed, primarily when you are practicing with fearful and anxious dogs. You should find a tasty snack your dog loves and hold it closed in your fist, then hold your hand up to your pet’s snout. When he sniffs it, move the hand to the floor and allow him to follow the movement. Slide your hand along the ground in front of him and encourage his body to follow his head. Once he is down, say the word “down.”


Before you start with this command, make sure your dog knows “sit” command. First of all, ask your dog to sit and then open the palm of your hand in front of your and say “stay.” You should take a couple of steps back and reward him with a treat if he stays.